If you want to better understand toxic relations, how to break free from them, and how to live with more freedom, more confidence and purpose!

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This program is for anyone whose life has been affected by another’s toxicity. Those who have experienced emotional, psychological, and narcissistic abuse within the close relationships of their lives.

Whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a work situation, or a family member, The Freedom…Me Online Program will teach you how to handle toxic people and toxic situations that present themselves in your present life as well as your future. It will provide clarity, hope and most importantly healing, giving you confidence and peace.

What Is It and Why?
Freedom…Me Online Coaching Program
Educates and Empowers you on your road to healing, helping you to understand how toxic relationships may be affecting your life.
This program is designed to help you regain inner peace and confidence.
You will not only understand how toxic people behave, but also why. Once the understanding is there, empowering inevitably follows.
Empowerment ultimately leads you to freedom.
This program is for YOU if you feel trapped or if you feel everything is YOUR fault. It shows you how to understand toxic people and how to deal with them.
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Knowledge and Education

Understanding how to identify toxic characteristics is the key to freedom.

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Proactive Plan

Being proactive by having a plan in place for what to do when you have to encounter a toxic person will free you and help you become more present and confident.

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Personal Power

Having personal power is the key to finding relief while learning how to be happy and embrace self love.

“I was aware of physical abuse; however, I never fully understood the severe impact that came from mental or emotional abuse until I started working with this amazing woman. My time working with Dr. Heidi has helped me to start finding my light again among all the darkness I was surrounded by. “

Katie K.

What Is Freedom…ME?

The online program is an affordable option for those wanting to work with me, Dr. Heidi, and use my experience to heal in strength.

The online program can be done on your time no matter where you are located. Learning from someone who understands and has been there is one of the many reasons clients choose to work with me personally.

In the online coaching program I will educate and guide you into a life of confidence and freedom.

Imagine the peace you will feel when your life is controlled by no one but yourself.

Learn how to spot the toxic people in your life by identifying the red flags and understanding the means by which the toxic person uses them. Understanding is your ultimate power which leads you to your own life of freedom and peace.

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Freedom…ME Includes

  • 10 modules and 48 lessons.
  • ALL online available to you 24/7 with immediate access.
  • It includes all the toxic behaviors and characteristics.
  • How to identify them, avoid them, and coping skills with tools on how to address your needs.
  • The program includes in-depth resources for allowing yourself to feel, and understand how these relationships affect you.
  • The program shows you how to choose yourself first and how to balance your needs versus the needs of others.
  • Basically, the program is comprehensive and designed from my one on one coaching programs yet packaged in an easy to follow, affordable and digestible format
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  • Education on the 21 characteristics of the toxic relationship
  • Downloadable exercises and worksheets in your online lesson plan
  • Freedom to complete the program on your time
  • Email Support
  • Periodic Live Calls
  • VIP announcements for any future program
  • Less cost than private coaching
  • ALL FOR ONLY $899.00



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